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How Long Can Bearded Dragons Go Without Food?

Bearded dragons have long been a favorite pocket pet of many. As stoic as these little critters can be, when a beardie stops eating, we need to worry. So how long can bearded dragons go without food? Dr. Jess will answer this important question below: There are many reasons why a beardie may stop eating, …

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Can Chickens Eat Mushrooms?

As backyard chickens grow in popularity so do the questions about their diets. Knowing what your chickens can and cannot eat is imperative to having a healthy, thriving flock. So the question is, can chickens eat mushrooms? The answer is a complicated one… Dr. Jess will answer this question and more below: What Do Chickens …

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Can Coronavirus Affect Dogs?

Schools are closing, restaurants and grocery stores are empty, and self-distancing is now a thing… all thanks to Coronavirus COVID-19. So the big question surrounding dogs is: Can this COVID-19 coronavirus affect dogs? Can dogs give the coronavirus to humans? Dr. Jess, our resident veterinarian explains it all below: What really is a virus? A …

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