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Best Holiday Gifts For Veterinarians & Veterinary Students

Do you need great ideas on what to get your favorite veterinarian or veterinary student this year? Well, you have come to the right place! Dr. Jess list her favorite products she loves or would have loved while she was in vet school.

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All items on her list are from Amazon because they are easily accessible for many, and most products qualify for Amazon Prime! This means free 2-day shipping!!!

If you haven’t signed up for Amazon Prime yet, grab your 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime and check out how amazing it really is!

  • This list starts with items for your veterinarian.
  • The second half of the list has gifts specifically for the vet student in your life.

Best Gifts For Veterinarians & Veterinary Students

Dr. Jess's top picks on gifts for your veterinarian or veterinary student this year! All can be purchased on Amazon for easy shopping for all!

If you have some other great gift for a special veterinarian or veterinary student in your life and would like to share it, email me and I’ll check it out and can add it to this list for others to enjoy!

Glassware Gifts for Veterinarians:

Even veterinarians like to have a refreshing beverage every now and then and what makes any drink better, is sipping it in a funny or relatable glass.

Dr. Jess has included her top glasses that she would want to sip beverages out of in her list.

Look out for numbers #1 and #2 on her list of gifts.

Travel Mug Gifts for Veterinarians:

Veterinarians and veterinary students are always on the go, so a travel mug makes complete sense as a gift.

Then add on a veterinary-related saying, and you have made your veterinarian a very happy one.

It doesn’t take much to make us feel appreciated, but a practical gift like one of these travel mugs will make us feel it for sure!

Look out for these travel mugs that are #3 and #4 on this gift list.

Best Mug Gifts For Veterinarians:

I drink tea every day, so I have so many coffee/tea mugs in my office.

A veterinarian needs to stay caffeinated and these clever mugs that are geared perfectly toward veterinarians and veterinary students, will help us do just that.

Make sure to take a look at numbers #5, #6, and #7 on this gift list to pick your favorite mug to give your veterinarian.

Wall Art Gifts For Veterinarians:

I already have the veterinary watercolor piece and whenever anyone sees it for the first time, there is always a comment on how lovely it is.

The bright colors really pop and add a fun uplifting and cheerful vibe to any veterinary room or office.

So make sure to take a good look at #8 on Dr. Jess’s Vet Gift List above!

Your veterinarian will love it and it will be up on their wall in no time!

Best Gifts For Veterinary Students:

Veterinary students are tired and stressed – trust me, I went through it – it’s tough!

So, vet students will always be appreciative of things to help with stress, like massages and self-care type of gifts.

However, if you don’t go down that route, I have collected a few fun and affordable gift options that you can get your hands on through Amazon.

Some of the items include vet student notepads, vaccine/injectable-looking pens to write with, soft animal socks to keep feet cozy and warm, and even a wine glass specifically made for the vet student in your life!

Make sure to look at items #12 – #16 on the list above for veterinary student – specific gifts this holiday season!

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