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Can Chickens Eat Celery?

Before feeding your chickens vegetable treats, including celery, spend a moment to find out if this type of snack is safe for them to eat. Feeding your chickens nutritionally-balanced foods is one of the best ways of keeping them happy, active, and healthy. Dr. Jess explains below…. Can chickens eat celery safely?  What Do Chickens Normally Eat? …

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Chickens: How Does a Rooster Fertilize an Egg?

This maybe an awkward thing for many to ask about but this bird question is asked so often! How does a rooster fertilize an egg? How do chickens become pregnant? Do hens have to mate in order to lay eggs? Dr. Jess explains it all below… Do Chickens Mate? The question you really are wanting …

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Can Chickens Eat Mushrooms?

As backyard chickens grow in popularity so do the questions about their diets. Knowing what your chickens can and cannot eat is imperative to having a healthy, thriving flock. So the question is, can chickens eat mushrooms? The answer is a complicated one… Dr. Jess will answer this question and more below: What Do Chickens …

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