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Vet-Recommended Calming Cat Treats

It seems like almost every single pet product these days is ‘vet-recommended’. How can so many cat products be recommended by vets? Which products truly are veterinarian-recommended? Dr. Jess compiled her own list of vet-recommended calming cat treats:

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Why Do Cats Stress and Have Anxiety?

Cats can be the biggest balls of stress out there.

Sometimes we can figure out what they are stressing out and other times we have no idea why they are acting so stressed.

And even other times, a veterinary trip is in order to find out an underlying medical cause for the stress and anxiety.

Here is a quick list of common reasons cats show signs of stress and anxiousness:

  • Changes in the home: a new carpet cleaner, a different furniture arrangement in a room, a new cat addition to the family, etc.
  • Acute stressors: These are short-term events that can really cause stress and alarm for your feline friend, such as fireworks, a smoke detector going off, or a thunderstorm.
  • Medical issues: If you cat is under the weather and has a medical issue making them not feel all that great, or if they sense another cat in the house is ill.
  • Upset Stomach: sometimes changes in the diet, illnesses, or eating habits can lead to an upset stomach that can not only lead to stress on their physical digestive tract, but also lead to more stress on the mental side of things.

What to Look For in Calming Treats:

Are they palatable? Is your cat going to eat them? These calming treats won’t help anyone if your cat won’t take them. What flavor does your cat like to snack on? Do they like soft or hard and crunchy treats? – buy calming treats in the flavor, texture, and shape that your cat prefers.

Check out the active ingredients: or what are the ingredients the treat is using to create the “calming” effect?

Frequency of feeding: How often can you feed these treats to your cat? Can you double or triple dose when necessary? All treats are not created equal, so check the label before giving your cat these treats, especially if you care hand delivering them to your pet frequently.

Benefits of Using Calming Cat Treats

  • Reduce the stress in stressful situations: like fireworks and thunderstorms or even house guests or changes in your cat’s everyday environment
  • Reduce general anxiety or nervousness: For everyday or general anxiety issues
  • Soothing upset stomachs: Many calming kitty treats contain ginger, which can help to sooth stomach aches.
  • Treats as positive reinforcement: Treat your cat when they deserve a treat!

How Do Calming Cat Treats Work?

These products use things like herbs (think chamomille, skullcap, etc.), flower essences, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to produce a calming effect, soothing without sedating.

Dr. Jess’ List of Calming Cat Treats:

This list contains recommended calming cat treats.

If you are looking for calming cat diffusers, check out Dr. Jess’s article on Comfort Zone vs Feliway before you make any purchasing decisions.

Top Vet-Recommended Calming Cat Treats

How are there so many cat products recommended by veterinarians? Which products truly are veterinarian-recommended? Dr. Jess compiled her own list of vet-recommended calming cat treats just for you!

If you have a product in mind that would be a great fit for this list, send a note to Dr. Jess.

She may just add it to this list!

And always remember, monitor and closely watch your kitty whenever feeding them treats and reach out to your local vet if you have any questions.